Bread of Life Christian Church in San Diego

Announcement (5/26/2020)

5/31起,聖地牙哥靈糧堂主日崇拜恢復現場聚會,包含主日崇拜,Youth 主日崇拜(兒童主日、幼兒照顧暫停)因全面防疫,請配合以下相關措施:
Bread of Life Christian Church in San Diego will resume live Sunday service from (5/31) Sunday, including adult and youth Sunday worship (children and toddler programs still on hold). According to government requirements to support a safe and clean environment for coworkers and congregants, please cooperate with the following guidelines and protocols:

1. 入場前請配戴口罩,並全程配戴。Please wear masks or face covering when you enter the facility and for the whole period of time of the service.

2. 進入教會前請配合體溫檢測,並手部酒精消毒。Please use hand sanitizer upon arrival and allow coworkers to measure your temperature (no-touch) .

3. 若您14天內從國外入境者或有身體不舒服及存在健康風險者請在家自主隔離,參與 線上主日 If you have oversea travel history in past 14 days, OR have any flu like symptoms, OR have underlying medical conditions, please stay at home and do not come. Attend YouTube LIVE service broadcast.

4. 隨時保持社交安全距離 (Social Distancing)Please follow the direction and arrangement of social distance measures.

5. 座位請依照貼紙指示就坐(以家庭為單位)Please find your seat at where is allowed, marked by yellow stripe. Do not seat on the white marked “x”. Only member from same household can sit right next to each other.

6. 暫停午餐供應及飲用水(請自備)No lunch services and church water machine will be turn off.

7. 只開放大堂與廁所,其餘場所暫停開放。We only open 1st floor Sanctuary, 2nd floor youth room, restrooms during this initial phase. Other offices and 3rd floor will remain closed.

8. 繼續使用電子週報,有需要的請自行列印。Handout in electronics format recommended by government for ~no-touch operations. Please print and bring your own copy of weekly bulletin.


***鼓勵大家使用線上奉獻或將支票寄至教會辦公室(titleBread of Life Christian Church in San Diego,教會地址:7084 Miramar Rd., suite 300, San Diego, CA92121